Why do we have to adjust our way of thinking?

The local retirement plans failed drastically. We look into a mass grave of life insurances and other investment plans, which are no longer able to fulfill and cover the needs of our seniors and aged people.

Also, we face a time, where people must work longer, their pension plans are decreased through inflation and the taxes grow. In case of a couple the death of one partner, wife or husband can cause the other one to reach poverty level.

Many people are entrepreneurs and face high costs and financial burdens. Many do not put precautions or preventative actions for their retirement time in place. And, there is a huge number of people who live already at the subsistence minimum.

Consequences are as following:

  • We have many retired people who are still doing a job to cover the daily costs.
  • There is a high rate of poverty among old people.

Looking forward into the future, we can see that in about 2030 we reach an extraordinary high number of people in retirement age. Also, we can clearly see, that there are no reasonable concepts on how to solve the upcoming issues and problems.

Company-pension-schemes are no longer interesting for people. Due to unclear taxations on such pensions and pension plans, most people do not know what will be the financial outcome for themselves and many do not believe – that there is any outcome at all.

In business, we are also facing the situation, that many companies need to employ more people or buy and/or order more goods to fulfill the needs and special orders of their clients and customers. Very often companies need to make advanced payments and are considering intermediate financing plans and loans by banks. Banks are creating obstacles and barriers especially for innovative ideas of entrepreneurs and companies due to their high security measurements and standards. This creates conflict of interest with the companies, who cannot execute huger orders in their businesses.

As the first in history, the BitCoin facilitates the following:

  • It provides an innovative pension/retirement plan.
  • It offers a company-pension-scheme.
  • It secures the middle-class standard through high interest rates

SUPPORTED BY Satoshi School

Why should you invest in BitCoins?

Since its origin in 2008, the BitCoin experienced an immense increase in value. Through its deflationary characteristics an ecology developed around the BitCoin as a currency. This lead to the BitCoin being introduced and now already used as an official second currency in countries like i. e. Japan.

More than 40 Million people worldwide owe BitCoins and through the connectedness to the Visa credit card system nowadays it is possible to pay with BitCoins almost everywhere.

The BitCoin System is more secure than the national and international online wire transfer systems. It is transparent, much faster and does not include the banks. It is an entirely computer based system and offers many more valuable benefits. As an example, we also point out the easy way to simply send money from your Smartphone at the basis of very low transaction fees.

In March 2016, the BitCoin price reached $450 and today it already shows far over $4.600. Based on its establishment since almost 10 years, the BitCoin reached an extraordinary significant high economic status. The yearly accretion and increase in value can be trusted till 2140.

This circumstance makes it possible to use Bitcoin as a capital investment which can generate an income return of 15%.

This Pension makes the difference


Pension plan
The contracts have a minimum duration of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years. You can choose!

Fair distribution
40% is a direct deposit and stays in an account
60% of the deposit is distributed for setup and expansion of the mining facilities

Your private key
All Investors and depositors receive their private key as well as the public key.

The BitCoin pension is supported by the Satoshi-School-Team

Long-term profit through BitCoin
Through the capital gains combined with the deposit of the BitCoins the deposited money will increase in a 5-year period.

Secure wallet with BitGo
We are using one of the most secure wallets in the BitCoin space.


Step 1:

a) Investors may start at 1st August till 1st October 2017. (this process has been concluded already)

b) Starting on 20th October 2017, the pension plan, the private precaution plan, as well as the Company-pension-schemes are officially available.

Step 2:

Each depositor will receive in a 5-year-period a payout of 2-5 BitCoin


The revolutionary idea of this concept is, that 40% of the collected BitCoins will be placed in an account.

  • The investor and depositor can at any time increase the amount by adding money.
  • The rest will be used for the setup of an own BitCoin Mining structure.

BitCoins must be created in a very particular process. This process is called mining and is very cost intense. Therefore, not many people are participating in the manufacturing and production. The BitCoins which are circulating as of today, are not enough to cover the requirements. To meet the existing needs, we ourselves must become a part of the mining process.

It’s like this. To your deposit that you made, a market profit of the BitCoin is added.

Then, on top of that the profit which is gained through mining is added.

Investors who invested into the BitCoin pension ICO during the time 1st August till 1st October 2017 will receive a higher return.

There are the following opportunities for participation:

  • Private pension with a one-time deposit or a monthly saving plan
  • Company pension schemes: the employer/boss pays into a cluster/pool account for their workers
Private pension with a one-time deposit or a monthly saving plan

direct deposit


distribution of the deposit on costs for setup and expansion of mining

Company pension schemes: the employer/boss pays into a cluster/pool account for their workers

direct deposit


distribution of the deposit on costs for setup and expansion of mining

Supported by Jorg Molt

The world has a new currency.

It’s decentralized, boundless and for everyone cost-free.

You can pay with it everywhere.

It protects you from inflation and attracts interests.

We show you how you can use this currency and send money around the globe with no extra fees as millions of people do already.

It is the bank in your pocket and constantly on hand.

More information

Do you have any further questions?


Jörg Molt @ Finopolis 2017, Sotschi

All Investors and depositors receive their private key as well as their public key.
The public key is an address for the incoming money (deposit address). This key is used for the purpose to transfer more money into the account to increase the payout after the minimum duration.

The private key is the PIN and TAN as we know it in Europe. With your private key, you have control over the 40% of the deposited money which is placed into the account (remember 40% of the collected BitCoins will be placed in an account). It could be said it is as an insurance from us to you, that you keep control over your money.

Through the established system, you are able to get your money after the minimum duration.

Please note: If you use the private key function during the time the money is locked, you will not receive any money from the mining. When your account is down to zero we will close it.

The contracts run for a duration of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years. You can choose. During this entire time, the minimum deposit will be hold and the returns from the mining process will also be placed on the account.

During this five year period – due to the capital gain and the deposit of BitCoins from the mining – your deposit will grow. We can assume, that the BitCoin price in five years will be about 6000 Euro per BitCoin. Then, the BitCoins produced through the mining process will be added. The amount will depend upon your decision for either ICO or BitCoin pension as well as from the efficiency of the investment.

Invest now in the BitCoin pension


Through wrong investments and wrong promises, many people lost and are still losing tons of money every day. Faster than you can notice the money you have earned is gone. This may lead into taking on loans and having debts.

On the other side, many people start investing in assets, which do not bring the expected profit and return. Sometimes such companies propagating high returns even disappear overnight.

Therefore, we have a transparent system. You can regulate and control your account at any time. You are even secure, if there is no system entrance. Your private key is your access to your money. The private key gives you the power to move and transfer the money to a different account. You can do all of this by yourself without us having any control over it.

The setup of the mining facility is precisely documented, filmed and photographed.

Through this investment model we create an opportunity for everyone to build a better life just in a period of five years.